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What's Your Hair Type?

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

What’s your type? Wavy? Extra-curly? Bouncy and Thick? Every head of hair is different, and while some hair is coarser, finer, straighter, or drier than others, that’s okay! The key to managing YOUR particular head of hair, whatever it may be like—and keeping it healthy—is knowing what type of hair you have in the first place, no matter what your ethnicity is.

That’s where this handy guide to understanding hair types comes in. This information is meant to help you understand the different hair types that are out there, and then identify your own natural hair type.

Essentially, there are four main hair types. Numbered from 1 to 4, these categories represent a range of hair textures, from the ultra-straight to the super-curly; as the numbers get bigger, the curls get tighter. The hair also loses moisture and grows more fragile as the hair type gets curlier and curlier—a surprising fact for most women—but never fear. Armed with the knowledge of your correct hair type, you can make almost anything happen with your curls! 

Check out the video I found below on curly hair types

Determining Your Hair Type

So how do you figure out which hair type is actually yours? Simply wash your hair, comb it out, and see what it does. Watch your roots and new growth if you currently use a relaxer or other chemical services that alter your hair’s texture. Let your hair air dry, and watch the curls form, tighten, or fall away, as the case may be. You’ll soon see what your hair looks like in its natural form. Knowing your curl type with help you determine what products to buy, most of the products will say example

“type 3C”. My hair type is 3C and it took me years to actually realize my hair type and a lot of money wasted on products that just don’t work. My hair sucks out the oil once it drops on my head, I look for products with no alcohol added and a cream based product for deep moisture. 

Ladies and gents if you know your curl type you will save tons of money

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