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Frizzy Days

Frizz frizz frizz will it ever go away on a rainy day or just slept on bed head. I am constantly working on controlling my frizzies and have come to the conclusion that I need a lot of moisture to tame my frizz. When I do my hair I have to make sure I have soaked each strand of hair with water and then apply my deep leave in conditioner, also a gel to seal in my curl with a bit of oil (avocado oil or a serum) to keep my curl frizz free.

Air drying your hair is way better than diffusing, if your prone to frizzy hair. I usually air dry and then diffuse on low to get my volume back and soften my curl out. The products/routine that works best for me to help with my frizzies are below

Step 1

Take a small section and with a spray bottle drench that section and comb through before applying moisturizing cream.

Step 2

Apply a good amount of Cantu Shea butter Natural Hair Moisturizing twist lock and gel ( Controls frizz ).

Step 3

When finished with that small section apply a gel to lock in the curl. Ouidad Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel works best for my curls.

Step 4

Let hair air dry, when completely dry apply a serum or an oil to help soften the curl. I use Blueberry Bliss Hair Growth Oil, which contains a whole bunch of organic oils.

Step 5

You can either leave your curls as is once air dry or I use the diffuser to stretch out my curls and soften the curl to gain more volume.

Good Luck Curl Nation!

Let me know below if these steps work for you or what is your routine to fight back on the frizz.

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